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Quick Use Tourniquet Guide

This page is meant for use as a quick reference guide when using the Bay Area BGOA Micro Individual First Aid Kit (MIFAK) in a high stress emergency situation. 

We highly recommend familiarizing yourself with the kit and it's contents BEFORE needing to use it. 

Using a tourniquet quickly is easy with the Bay Area BGOA Micro Individual First Aid Kit. Use the included nitrile gloves for your protection.

Follow the quick refence guide below to deploy the wound packing gauze and tourniquet. 

Stop The Bleed Instructions .jpg

Arms and legs are the only appropriate wound areas to use a tourniquet.

NEVER attempt to use a tourniquet on a chest, abdomen, neck, or head!

Apply direct pressure over the wound area.  If you can see the source of bleeding in the would apply pressure directly to that area with one or two fingers.

Stop The Bleed Instructions .jpg

Unroll the included wound packing gauze, pack it into the wound and apply pressure. 

Stop The Bleed Instructions .jpg

Unroll the tourniquet and wrap the strap (1) around the limb, through the buckle (2) and back on itself as tightly as possible just above the wound.


Tighten the windlass rod (3) until the bleeding stops, and then place it in the windlass clip (4).


Secure it in place with the windlass strap (5).

Note the time and use the included marker to write it on the windlass strap. 

Tourniquet Pic copy.jpg

Once the bleeding has stopped, seek medical attention immediately.

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