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Check out what Oakland / Bay Area BGOA has been up to!  We hold training days throughout the year including basic and advanced pistol training, basic and advanced rifle training, queens-only days, emergency first aid, night shooting, long range shooting, and community outreach events.  Sign up for our newsletter to get more info!

Queens 8.jpg

Firearms instructors give members tips on improving accuracy at the BGOA Queens Range Day. 

Students learn lifesaving 

techniques and defensive cover fire at the BGOA Tac Med/ Stop The Bleed class.

Lyric 1.jpg

Jr. BGOA member, Lyric, practices her pistol skills at the Queens Day event sponsored by BGOA, Progressive Accuracy Training Group, and Alpha and Omega FirearmsTraining. Lyric is a second generation BGOA member. 

BGOA safety and training officer and firearms instructor, Stephen Perrilliat, practicing pistol skills. BGOA partners with Stephen's company, Progressive Accuracy Training Group, to offer training days to our members. 

Range 6.jpg

BGOA chapter commander, Nathan, competing in a USPSA event at The Richmond Rod and Gun Club.

BGOA members at Itus Defense Carbine Level 1 training. 

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