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Firearms and Your Mental Health

The Bay Area Black Gun Owners Association believes mental health plays a vital role in keeping one's self and loved ones safe and capable of dealing with adverse situations. Processing past traumatic situations and/or overcoming emotional hurdles is critical if we are to effectively provide for and, if needed, defend our families.  


Our motivation for developing a referral and assistance program started on the gun range.  On occasion, during past training events, we noticed some people would be particularly triggered by the sight and sound of gunfire. In talking with these folks we began to learn that some of our members have had very traumatic experiences involving guns.  We had other folks asking us if joining a training event might be a good way to overcome past experiences involving gun-related trauma.  While we have seen some positive effects in overcoming fear by joining a training event, we know this is no substitution for addressing these deep emotional scars with a qualified therapist.


In the last six months, we have been working hard to develop a resource page that refers to therapists who have an understanding of the firearms community.  They know that just because we are gun owners that are reaching out to a therapist does not AUTOMATICALLY mean we are a danger and should be red-flagged.  Perhaps we are contacting someone to help cope with past events, or maybe we’re just in a funk and would like some help working through it.  The bottom line is the vast majority of us are law-abiding citizens who just want the best for our families, communities, and ourselves.  We should not be shunned by mental health professionals or feel the need to self-censor just because we are gun owners.  

If you are interested in talking with a therapist, please contact one of the mental health professionals listed below.  In addition, we have a free, anonymous mental health screening provided to us by our partners at Walk The Talk America.  We also have additional resource links listed below including mental health financial assistance, free cable gun locks, suicide prevention, safe storage tips, and more.


Mental health is wealth!

Preferred Therapists

Jenee Jackson Pic.jpg

Jenee Jackson

Jenee is an individual and couples therapist specializing in addressing trauma, work stress, and helping people find and pursue their individual purpose.  Using 'talk therapy' clients often are able to make the connection between past life experiences and how they impact their current behaviors and actions, thereby impacting the current state of their lives. Jenee's work includes helping clients live authentic live's on their terms.    


She can be reached at 

Christina D. Bio Pic.jpg

Christina De Los Angeles

Christina DeLosAngeles is an Associate Marriage & Family Therapist | Emotional intelligence Coach in Stockton, Ca specializing in helping individuals and couples build skills and tools to enhance the quality of their relationships, work through unhealthy patterns and ultimately better the quality of their lives. 

To schedule a consultation call and learn more about services offered 


Jake W. Bio Pic.jpg

Jake Wiskerchen

Jake is a National Certified Counselor and licensed in Nevada as a Marriage and Family Therapist, where he owns and operates Zephyr Wellness, an outpatient counseling agency. He is a lifelong gun owner and trustee with Walk the Talk America, through which he advocates for firearms owners to seek mental health services without fear of rights restriction. You can learn more about Jake and his agency by clicking here

Alexis Lopez Pic.jpg

Alexis Lopez

Alexis Lopez, Associate Marriage and Family Therapist. Based in the central valley, he offers individual and couples counseling to help individuals manage stress and trauma that impacts day-to-day functioning. His goal is to help improve and identify long lasting healthy relationships/skills.


Alexis can be reached  by phone at (209) 718-3859 or be email at

Additional Resources

Mental Health Financial Assistance -  Black Therapy Fund

Free Cable Gun Locks - Project Child Safe

Safe Storage tips - US Dept. of Veterans Affairs

National Suicide Prevention Hotline - 988 Lifeline

Walk The Talk America - WTTA

Are you a mental health professional that would like to be listed as a preferred therapist?  Email us at or call the club line at 513.642.9667. 

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