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What would you do if one or all of your guns were stolen?  Do you have the serial numbers recorded for police or insurance report?  


Log all of your firearms information in our customized BGOA Log Book!  With room to record 99 firearms and 3 pages for repair logs it has more than enough room to keep all your records in order.  There is also a page to record owner information as well as insurance info.   


With this Gun Inventory Book you can easy fill and keep the following info: 

  • Acquisition Details
  • Disposition Details
  • Specific Notes/span
  • Repairs log
  • Repairs Images
  • Manufacturer Information
  • Model Number and Type
  • Caliber/Gauge
  • Barrel
  • Recording Upgrades and Repairs
  • Notes


It is recommended to keep this book in a safe place SEPERATE from your firearms!


Comes in a grey matte finish soft cover with a BGOA high gloss logo on the front and measures 8.5"x11"x.25"


Get one today and be prepared if something happens to your guns!


Please allow 10-14 days for shipping.  

BGOA Firearms Record Log Book

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